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About marlies dekkers

Marlies Dekkers was born in 1965 and graduated with distinction from the Acadamy of Art in 1991. In 1993, she launched her first lingerie collection. It covers more than 25 years. Marlie’s illustrious career in lingerie design has always been defined by her ambition to frame the wearer’s beauty at every opportunity, building the confidence of the many women who love her distinctive designs

In a modern world still characterised by pressure to conform to and live by outdated social norms, we believe in freedom of expression. We love beauty and art and the body as the greatest natural canvas. We combine both to express our taste as only we know how. We believe in fostering self-awareness to enable us to realise our full potential. That is why we celebrate the beauty that radiates in each of us. We believe in harnessing the inner confidence that comes with a perfect fit and elegant design. We believe we owe it to ourselves to look great and feel even better. Above all, we believe in challenging women to dream and believe in themselves. As masters of their own destiny, we challenge them to celebrate being a woman. “Dare to dream, dare to grow, dare to be.

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